STARLINE Track Busway the revolutionary electrical power distribution system for data center and mission critical applications.

Continuous uptime is absolutely critical for all data center facilities. To accommodate this need, plug-in units for STARLINE Track Busway have a unique, turn-n-lock ‘compression-fit’ connection method when inserted. When the plug-in units complete the 90 degree turn into the busway, the ‘compression-fit’ ensures a constant, reliable connection- eliminating power interruptions. Also, once the plug-in unit is inserted it can be secured or locked into place, reducing the risk of accidental power disruption.

With the ability to customize the Busway in a variety of different configurations, various plugin units, outlets and drop chords STARLINES’S scalable solution is ideal way to provide power to any mission critical, data centre, retail or lab environment.

Re-locate power anywhere on the busway at any time without shutting down. Expanding your power distribution in your Data Centre can now happen in minutes and not months and requires NO DOWNTIME.


  • Maintenance-free track busway design has been field-proven in data centers for over 25 years.
  • Plug-in units can be positioned at any point along the busway for maximum versatility.
  • Customization of plug-in units for any environment.
  • Easiest installation of plug-in units – just insert and turn.
  • No complicated mechanisms or levers.
  • Most reliable plug-in design with the least amount of electrical connections from busway to plug-in unit
  • Interchangeable plugs for systems including: B250, B400 and B800.
  • Plug-in units can be positioned at any point along the busway for maximum versatility.
  • Multiple busway feed options: end, top, center – for installation flexibility.
  • Available in lengths up to 20ft. for faster installation.

STARLINE Track Busway has been proven to have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional underfloor power distribution methods. The low material cost is comparable to conduit and wire material costs, and is much lower priced than larger, conventional busway products. However, where the real cost savings comes in is by significantly decreasing installation and maintenance time and expenses. With STARLINE Track Busway, you can eliminate panel boards, long runs of conduit and wire, and expensive installation and maintenance costs.


Official Partners

  • 40A, 100A, 225A, 400A, 800A Busbar
  • AC & DC Applications
  • Customized Plug-in Units
  • Overhead or Underfloor
  • Plug And Play, Continuous Uptime
  • Critical Power Metering
  • Removes The need For PDU's
  • BMS & DCIM Integration
  • Installation and Commisioning
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 24/7 365 Maintenance & Support