The Powerbar range offers power distribution solutions from 160A up to 6600A with Ingress Protection options available up to IP68.

The Powerbar range includes High Powerbar (HPB), Medium Powebar (MPB), Cast Resin Powerbar (CRPB) and Intelligent Medium Powerbar (iMPB).

High Powerbar – HPB

HPB provides a complete power solution for transformer to main panel board connections. High Powerbar is 1000V totally encased, non-ventilated and low impedance sandwich construction. It can be supplied with either epoxy resin coated copper or aluminium conductors. HPB offers a choice of Ingress Protection from IP55 to IP67 and is available from 800A up to 6600A.


  • Joint pack construction with double headed shear nuts for quick installation
  • 50 – 60Hz operation
  • Up to five tap off points per 3m length
  • All tap offs fitted with earth first, break last safety feature
  • Type tested to 50°C ambient conditions
  • Tin or silver coated finish options available
  • Extruded aluminium  case for good heat conductivity  and light weight
  • Ingress Protection ratings IP55 to IP67

Medium Powerbar – MPB

Medium Powerbar compliments the High Powerbar range to offer electrical distribution within large multi-tenanted or multi-functional premises. MPB is is a non-ventilated, air insulated construction, available from 160A up to 800A and engineered with IP54 as standard. It is supplied with either epoxy resin coated copper or aluminium conductors. The extruded aluminium housing delivers a durable yet lightweight product. Additionally, the housing can be used as an integral earth to enhance the safety of the installation.


  • Modular structure and integration of end feeds allows for further expansion where necessary
  • Type tested for heat rise and short circuit requirements
  • Tap-off units can be installed every 500mm along the MPB
  • All tap-offs fitted with both a mechanical and electrical interlock
  • Electrical joints made using a four bolt arrangement to reduce installation time

Intelligent Medium powerbar – iMPB

Intelligent Medium Powerbar is a 400V open track busway available in two bar configurations from 160A up to 800A. The construction is enclosed within an aluminium casing with Ingress Protection of IP-2X.


  • Solid joint pack construction
  • Up to 12ft lengths
  • Advanced metering capabilities through integrated total and individual circuit monitoring
  • Overrated neutral option available for systems with non-linear loads
  • Can be installed flat or on its edge depending on specific project requirements
  • Depending on project requirements, iMPB can be installed flat or on edge using suitable bracketry

Cast Resin Powerbar – CRPB

Cast Resin Powerbar is a 1000V, maintenance free busbar for use in outdoor, hazardous or life safety applications. CRPB is rated IP68 and is available from 800A to 6300A. The conductor is fully enclosed in a fire retardant, self extinguishing and homogenous polymer concrete. The cast resin housing is resistant to fire, water, mechanical loads, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-40°C to + 60°C).


  • Multiple configurations to suit project requirements including neutral, double neutral and earth
  • Ingress Protection rating IP68
  • Resistance to a large number of acids
  • Fire resistant to IEC 60331-1/ ISO 834
  • Explosive atmosphere (ATEX) approved to IEC 60079

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